Why Ron Paul Is the Only Moral Option

I was going to try to keep this blog mostly idealogical, but this post is going to be very specific.  The Republican Party is currently at a crossroads.  In the primary, we have 3 big government statists who all claim to be conservative, and then you have Ron Paul.  Most conservative-leaning individuals who I talk to who don’t get  their news solely from Fox News are either voting for Ron Paul in the primary, or they aren’t because they don’t think he is electable.  Many polls have shown otherwise, but the media and others like to ignore these polls.  So know this: polls have Romney and Paul tied with Obama, and every other candidate losing to Obama.  A logical person would now say, “Wow.  So Ron Paul IS electable.”  Fox News and it’s devoted followers still like to insist otherwise.

So forget electability for a moment. I am going to lay out exactly why, if you believe in an absolute morality, a vote for anybody but Ron Paul is immoral.  To avoid targeting specific people, I will henceforth be referring to the other 4 candidates (Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, and Obama) as the Statists.  Let us begin.

  • The Statists don’t believe in Just War.  They don’t believe in constitutionally declared wars either.  The Statists like to start wars preemptively and deny that any attack on the US could be due to our reckless and intrusive foreign policy.  They are warmongers, fear-mongers, and demagogues to the core.  Not only are these wars (present and future) unjust and unconstitutional, they are expensive.  Every dollar that the US government spends is stolen from us, the lowly taxpayers.  We should demand, as a country, that if they are going to steal our money with a direct tax, that they at least operate within the confines of the Constitution.  After all, it is the supreme law of the land.  The Statists would have you believe otherwise.
  • The Statists promote a culture of death.  Between them, the Statists have supported the death of millions of people.  This includes abortions, capital punishment, euthanasia, and/or unjust war.  The ONLY pro-life candidate in this race is Ron Paul.  As President, he is the only person who would promote this idea of a culture of life that Pope John Paul II spoke of in his encyclical Evangelium Vitae. If you want more information about this, read my “Anti-Abortion ≠ Pro-Life” blog post.
  • The Statists, at their core, believe that government should solve our problems.  They would like you to believe that only the government can end poverty, drug use, or a myriad of other problems.  But few people realize that before this massive welfare state, our country had a surplus of these crazy little entities called charities.  A dollar given to charity is a dollar that will be used for two purposes: to help the people that this charity is targeting, or to keep the charity running.  A dollar in the hands of government could be used for things including but not limited to: abortion, unjust war, torture, lining the pockets of bank executives, paying for the healthcare of millionaires over the age of 65, imprisoning people who need rehabilitation and treatment, incentivizing apathy and laziness, promoting black markets and border violence with illegal drug laws and regulations on legal drugs, racist and sexist policy, spying on us without telling us, inhibiting our free speech, enforcing gun laws that contributed to the deaths of innocent people in school campus shootings, educating 5 year olds about sex…the list literally goes on and on, and the Statists are chomping at the bit to add to it.

The government is out of control.  Thomas Jefferson said:

“To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

Never forget that it is our money that the government spends so recklessly and so immorally.  We have to take a stand against Statism and its proponents.  We cannot, with good conscience, put another person in the office of the Presidency who will not operate within the confines of the Constitution and of Natural Law.  We need someone who will promote a culture of life.  There is only one person currently in this race who will do this.  I am not a Ron Paul disciple, nor do I think he is without imperfection.  However, he is the only candidate for which I can proudly, and with good conscience, cast my vote.


One thought on “Why Ron Paul Is the Only Moral Option

  1. Wayne Samples 01/25/2012 / 10:31 pm

    I agree Alx, most conservitives and republicans say they want real reform in government , but keep electing washington insiders and the usual poloticians, Herman Cain wouldve been hood, but your skeletons always come out of the closet in polotics

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