Tertium Quid

I just want to take some time out of my painfully early morning to address this concept of tertium quid quickly.  In the past, I looked at an issue from the two sides that it was presented from: the left and the right.  I never thought that there could be more to an issue than the left’s view and the right’s view.  Well obviously, as I haven’t clung on to either major political ideology as tightly as their proponents would have liked, I found out otherwise.

Take the issue of “gay marriage” for instance.  Most on the left would say that gay marriage should be legalized: equal rights for all!  Most on the right would say that marriage is only supposed to be between one man and one woman, and they might even support a Constitutional amendment that states this.  Two sides: gay marriage, or no gay marriage.

Well I’m asking, why is government in the marriage business in the first place?  We should be insulted.  Remember, marriage is a sacrament.  Why is the government legislating anything at all about marriage?  If the government didn’t give benefits to heterosexual couples, then homosexual couples wouldn’t have anything to demand!  The government shouldn’t be deciding who gets the money that it stole from us in taxes; this is immoral regardless of the reason.  I’m not going to go crying to the government and demand a tax credit every time I go to Mass and receive the Eucharist, am I?

Let marriage be what marriage is: a sacrament.  Leave the government out of the equation completely.  Forget marriage licenses.  We who respect marriage for what it is would keep it in our way; we don’t need the government to tell us how to keep it.  Others wouldn’t care because the government wouldn’t treat us any differently (and it shouldn’t).

Back to the main point. Sometimes, the answer isn’t in the political bubble.  There may be a third, better option.  There may be a million other options!  Always be looking at the bigger picture, even when the left and the right don’t give you that option.


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