Why I am Not a Libertarian – A Libertarian Response

Catholic philosopher Nathan Schlueter recently published an article called Why I am Not a Libertarian.  I would advise reading that article and then reading this one, although you don’t have to.  Also, when I start addressing his numbered arguments, you should read his argument first, then read my response.  I am going to shed some light on some of his arguments from a libertarian perspective, and do my best to convince the reader of my position over his. Continue reading


Tertium Quid

I just want to take some time out of my painfully early morning to address this concept of tertium quid quickly.  In the past, I looked at an issue from the two sides that it was presented from: the left and the right.  I never thought that there could be more to an issue than the left’s view and the right’s view.  Well obviously, as I haven’t clung on to either major political ideology as tightly as their proponents would have liked, I found out otherwise. Continue reading

Solidarity through Subsidiarity

Since Obama’s decision to impose the HHS mandate on the country and give Catholic organizations 1 year to comply, the internet has exploded with angry Catholics wondering how in the world the President could so blatantly violate our Constitutional guarantee of the freedom of religion. President Obama told Archbishop Dolan a few weeks ago that he still had the utmost respect for the Church and would never force the people to violate any of Her principles. To quote Representative Joe Wilson, “You lie!” Catholics are now going to be forced to either violate their beliefs or forgo healthcare.  We have every right to be outraged. Continue reading