Why I am Not a Libertarian – A Libertarian Response

Catholic philosopher Nathan Schlueter recently published an article called Why I am Not a Libertarian.  I would advise reading that article and then reading this one, although you don’t have to.  Also, when I start addressing his numbered arguments, you should read his argument first, then read my response.  I am going to shed some light on some of his arguments from a libertarian perspective, and do my best to convince the reader of my position over his. Continue reading


The Real Existential Threat

When asked if he believed there was a vital threat coming from Iran, Pat Buchanan answered:

“No.  Look, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union had thousands of weapons and could have destroyed us in an afternoon, and we could have done the same thing.  I was around during the Cuban Missile Crisis; that was genuinely terrifying.  But Iran doesn’t frighten me, and I don’t think it should frighten the American people.  They don’t have a bomb, they haven’t made a decision to build one, they don’t have the means to deliver one, and the Israeli’s have 300 atomic bombs.  I mean, who presents the existential threat to whom?” (emphasis added). Continue reading

Our Right to Life

How have we gotten to this point as a country where a truism like the right to life has even come into question?  How is it, that even though every human being’s right to life is clearly spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, that abortion is still legal and prevalent?    The unconstitutional and unprecedented decision of Roe v. Wade to render an unborn child a nonperson has resulted in the deaths of more than 50 million unborn children to this day.  Euphemisms such as “choice” and “terminating the pregnancy” effectively “reduce the perceived gravity”, according to the US Catholic Bishops.  In their pamphlet “Living the Gospel of Life“, the bishops challenge every American Catholic to realize this evil, and to fight it. Continue reading

Why Ron Paul Is the Only Moral Option

I was going to try to keep this blog mostly idealogical, but this post is going to be very specific.  The Republican Party is currently at a crossroads.  In the primary, we have 3 big government statists who all claim to be conservative, and then you have Ron Paul.  Most conservative-leaning individuals who I talk to who don’t get  their news solely from Fox News are either voting for Ron Paul in the primary, or they aren’t because they don’t think he is electable.  Many polls have shown otherwise, but the media and others like to ignore these polls.  So know this: polls have Romney and Paul tied with Obama, and every other candidate losing to Obama.  A logical person would now say, “Wow.  So Ron Paul IS electable.”  Fox News and it’s devoted followers still like to insist otherwise. Continue reading