Is Ron Paul Electable?

Dear everyone who has said, “I like Ron Paul, he just isn’t electable”: stop telling people he is unelectable and start spreading his message.  If everybody that said they would vote for Ron Paul if he was electable voted for Ron Paul, he would win. Easily.  Look at these numbers from the Real Clear Politics poll aggregator:

As you can see from these polls, Ron Paul is far from unelectable.  He is much more electable than Santorum and Gingrich, and only less electable than Romney.  And this is with a fraction of the money, momentum, and media coverage Romney has.  This is also with everyone going around saying that he is unelectable.  Another thing to consider is that if you look back to the aggregation in December and earlier, Paul was losing to Obama by a much larger margin than he is now.  So as everyone and the media are going around saying that Ron Paul is unelectable, polls are showing differently.  If electability is your problem, drop it.  Vote Ron Paul, and tell all your friends.
P.S.  Dr. Paul could use some money too, so feel free to donate here if you feel so inclined:
P.P.S  I’m sorry if empirical evidence and facts aren’t really your cup of tea.  If that’s the case, I can’t help you.  You wouldn’t like my tea anyways.

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